Monday, December 5, 2011

The ‘NO’ Effect

Pas. Nicht. نہیں. नहीं. Όχι. No... 

You can say it in a million different ways. It doesn’t change the fact that you have been turned down. Let it be a question of asking your parents for Rs. 10 or enquiring whether you are allowed to check out a refernce book, that you really need, from the library or even proposing your love to the girl of your dreams – a no is still a ‘NO’. However, the intensity of the ‘No’ depends on how high your hopes are on getting what you just asked for. The more you hope, the more angry you get after rejection.

“Let’s go on a trip.”


“Can you do something for me ?”




I agree. You need balls to say ‘No’ to something. But you need balls of steel to listen to a person that says ‘No’ all the time, and react not even once. And lets just say i am iron man right now.

I didn't ask for much. 3 days outside the city. An empty apartment at our comfort. Some good food. And the company of my best friends.So much of planning. So much of hope. So much of excitement. All of it washed down the drains by the sheer simplicity of two letters that form a word – ‘No’.

Atleast thats what he meant to say. 

It makes me wonder. Am i the one who is wrong ? Am i the one expecting too much from this imbecile?  Crap. Now i am sounding like his desperate girlfriend.

Sometimes i feel as if it was never meant to be, and that all this time it was meaningless. I am glad it happened, the journey was definetely enlightening. But at the end of the day, is it not all about what you want to do? Or is it always about having fun, even if it is at someone else’s convenience.

I knew that there was a time when we would drift apart, like the continents. Just didn’t realise that it could be a heartbeat away.

I have been half-minded till now. But now i know. I have learnt that ultimately all that i have is myself to live with.

Life comes down to a lot of questions.

But you only have two choices.




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