Tuesday, July 17, 2012

An Empty Life

When do you actually realise that your life is empty ? When you don’t have places to go ? When you are out of things to do ? When you have no one to talk to ?

I spent the whole day doing nothing, absolutely nothing. I woke up. I tried to watch T.V. but there wasn’t anything that could keep me glued on. I tried to listen to music on my phone. That didn’t work. I tried to watch a movie on my laptop. I fell asleep after the first 5 minutes of ‘THE DARK KNIGHT’. Not my fault. Not batman’s either. So i just lay on my bed looking at the ceiling. Only a  gap through the ventilation system let inside a small ray of sunlight.

I rapidly searched through my phone list, but there was no one who i wanted to call. I guess no one wanted to call me also. Not once has my phone rung today. Compared to the millions of calls i was got yesterday because of a problem that happened in college. These kind of things just leave you wondering.

“ Will no one miss me when i am not around ? “

“Will i be like this forever ? “

I thought of every possible scenario where i could be doing something that i would enjoy. It turned out that all these day-dreams ended right where it started. The view of the ceiling.

I am in no mood to share anything, but writing this is the only thing that is keeping me occupied right now.
So people who are reading this, do you really want to be reading my blog or go do something else that you have always wanted ? 
So what are you waiting for ?